Sr. Engineering Tech Support Specialist

Job Title

Sr. Engineering Tech Support Specialist


12 Months (2000 hours S/T and 200 O/T per year)

US Citizenship Required



Provide senior level analysis, expertise, and support to SRNS operations to resolve broad technical issues having division and/or site wide implications. Candidate would have specialized knowledge of waste tracking methods and characterization for support of the facilities. The position would support the transition of current waste tracking systems for upgrade (estimated duration 24 months) for critical path on a project to improve processes for the facility.
Specific support provided will generally include directing, planning, developing, implementing, and administering technical operations maintenance related programs. These functions will typically be in direct support of a specific facility (or facilities), location, or functional area. Develop engineering specifications and designs for process, operations, calibration, material and test equipment, installed or portable process instrumentation, or functional area systems.
Develop, review, and implement operating and calibration procedures and standards. Plan and implement process and design changes for new and existing processes, systems and equipment. Maintain inventory of fixed and portable testing equipment. Prioritize projects and programs to reflect shifting DOE priorities. Prioritize and plan technical support programs to achieve division goals. Develop performance indicators to persuade senior management of projected program and equipment changes. Oversee installation of new software, major software modifications, and various other major technical issues which support processes, calibration, measuring, or site operations. Conduct technical reviews of proposed operations, calibration, measuring equipment and software modifications. Provide technical support to operations and maintenance technicians and other personnel as requested. Acts as a technical advisor to less qualified technical support specialists to meet schedules and or resolve technical issues. May develop and administer budgets, schedules, and performance requirements. 
This includes a capability to understand, at a high level, business processes. This includes MS Access/VBA languages with expectation to perform high complexity analysis, design, development and unit testing of software applications from user requirements and design documents, in addition to resolving defects encountered during the various testing cycles. The developer must define the scope and requirements to include scheduling, estimating, and quality control.
Candidate would support current SWMF tracking systems and overall mission by leveraging knowledge and experience of DOE priorities. This would include any current and future DSA implementations needed for the facility. 

Work Hours:
40-hour work week ending Sunday of each week, initial work schedule is Shift 32 - 4/10s (10-hour day, four days each week of Monday through Thursday).  Alternate work schedules may be implemented; SRNS utilizes various work schedules: 5/8s (8 hours/day; five days per week, Monday through Friday); 4/10s (10 hours/day; four days per week Monday through Thursday or Tuesday through Friday); 9/80s (9 hours/day, 5 days on week A and 4 days on week B).  Work week excludes SRNS Holidays. Each work day has a 30- minute lunch break.

Capable of obtaining a DOE “L” Security Clearance.


Minimum Degree Required: High School Diploma/GED
 Basic Qualifications: (Quantifiable; e.g. Six Years
Experience, Bachelor’s Degree)

Bachelor's degree in an engineering or technical discipline with a minimum of 6-8 years of related experience. 

An Associate's degree and 8-10 years of practical experience would substitute for the higher degree requirement. 

A high school diploma and 10-12 additional years of practical experience would also be considered equivalent. 

Demonstrate sufficient experience with DOE nuclear facilities, projects, assignments in supply chain logistics to perform tasks associated with Job Description Fundamentals.

Advanced knowledge of site work control procedures and practices for maintenance, calibration, and operations.

Clear understanding of work hazards, safety programs, operating configuration and lockout/hold identification is mandatory.

Report writing experience (Access, Crystal Reports, or other).

Ability to work independently and as a team player in fast paced dynamic software development/support environments.

Requires progressive experience in practical engineering knowledge and its application.

Experience with web application development is a plus.

Capable of obtaining a DOE “L” Security Clearance.





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