Criticality Safety Engineer

                                    Criticality Safety Engineer

                                    12 Months (2000 hours S/T and 200 O/T per year)



Support the SRNS Nuclear & Criticality Safety (N&CSE) organization in the development of Criticality Safety Evaluations in compliance with ANS-8 Standards and DOE Standard 3007.  This work includes evaluation of both normal and credible abnormal events using either the MCNP or SCALE criticality computer codes.  The candidate should have strong written and speaking skills such that they are able to both document and present the results of their work.  

This specific task includes extensive work with both the MCNP and SCALE criticality computer codes in the area of criticality code validation.  Therefore, extensive experience with either or both criticality computer codes is essential and experience with validation of criticality codes using ANS-8.24 is a preference.


Education:   At a minimum, the candidate should have a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Engineering, Math, or Science.

Experience/Skills:   The candidate shall have 5 years or more experience in the field of nuclear/criticality engineering with extensive experience using MCNP and/or SCALE computer codes.   Knowledge of ANS-8 Standards and DOE Standard 3007 is required.   The candidate shall have excellent oral and written communication skills.  Experience with criticality safety computer code validation using ANS-8.24 is a preference.   

Work Hours:   A 40 hour work week is scheduled.  SRNS utilizes various work schedules; including 5/8s (8 hours/day; five days per week), 4/10s (10 hours/day; four days per week), and a 9/80s (9 hours/day, five days on week A and 4 days on week B).  Work week excludes SRNS holidays.  Each work day has a 30-minute lunch.

Area Security Access:   A security clearance is not initially required; however, candidate must be capable of obtaining an L or Q clearance



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