Lead Startup Test Engineer

                               Lead Startup Test Engineer

                              12 Months (2000 hours S/T and 200 O/T per year)


Project and Facility Level III ELEC Startup Test Engineer for support of SRNS
Project and Facility Teams. Must be capable of Qualifying as a Level III ELEC Startup
Test Engineer for project startup program development and implementation. Task responsibilities include and are not limited to: Electrical system startup, task analysis, estimates, schedule development and maintenance; structures/systems/component turnover process, development and maintenance of progress tracking databases, performance tracking metrics, test matrix, test procedure development/review/comment/approval, comment resolution; test result review/approval, test document technical review and presentation, direct Level II test activities, startup test director, readiness for test field walk downs, field test support, field test activities, component level testing, schematic verifications, hazardous energy control lock-out tag-out, subcontractor and vendor test results review/evaluation, vibration testing, safety briefings, safety observations, safety presentations, engineering document reviews, vendor document reviews, turnover program implementation, punch list and action item list development and maintenance,  interpretation of engineering specification requirements, design document review, turnover field walk downs, system and component transfer of jurisdictional control. Familiarity with Functional
Acceptance Criteria (FAC) Documents, Functional Design Descriptions (FDD), System
Design Descriptions (SDD), Engineering Specifications, P&IDs, Piping Isometrics, Single
Line Drawings, Block Diagrams, Electrical Equipment Lists, Loop Diagrams, Electrical Equipment Specifications, Turnover Scoping Drawings, Circuit/Raceway/Wiring/Connection Design, Instrument Indices, Set point Index, Instrument and Control Valve Specifications, DCS/PLC Design, Instrument Location and Installation Design, Panel Layouts and Vendor Document Review.
The candidate shall be able to perform and/or coordinate and direct startup test activities for, and not limited to: pumps, motors, cooling towers, fans, chillers and associated controls.
Candidate must be able to communicate clearly, concisely, and accurately through: reports, emails, and oral presentations.
Candidate must be capable of coordinating with personnel such as laborers, construction trades, engineering, operations and project/task management.
Candidate must possess aptitude and attitude necessary to direct system test procedure actions with startup field test engineers and support staff team members.

Work Hours:
40 hour work week schedule ending Sunday of each week, exact work schedule is not determined at this time. SRNS utilizes various work schedules; 5/8s (8 hours/day; five days per week, Monday through Friday), 4/10s (10 hours/day; four days per week Monday through Thursday or Tuesday through Friday), 9/80s (9 hours/day, 5 days on week A and 4 days on week B), or 4/10/8 day work shift schedule of Thursday through Thursday (10 hours/day, 4 days on week A and B) with a six day rest period of Friday through Wednesday. Extended work hours



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