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Chemical Engineer (for Waste Processing)

12 MONTHS (1000 hours S/T and 0 hours O/T per year)


Provides research and development and engineering support for chemical processing systems that treat and immobilize radioactive waste. Apply relevant technical experience from the Savannah River Site or Hanford to help solve SRNL’s EM mission needs. Provide expertise in simulant development for waste process testing, filtration and separation technologies and applications for waste treatment, and for mixing and transport of simulant and radioactive waste. Develop and analyze process flowsheets and monitor system performance and troubleshoot problems with operational facilities. Propose and develop process/system improvements including flowsheet changes, equipment upgrades and plant modifications. Generate technical reports and presentations on the work scope to provide to the customer, external reviewers, and DOE-HQ as necessary.

Oversee performance of laboratory testing as necessary to obtain data. Travel across the DOE complex and to test vendors to represent SRNL as necessary.


PhD Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Must have strong oral and written communication skills. Leadership and teamwork skills are imperative due to the highly matrixed environment of the organization and the number of customers that are supported.

Candidate must have fifteen years experience in Chemical Engineering in radioactive waste processing field. Relevant experience in a research and development environment is preferred. Candidate must have demonstrated oral and written communication capability. Ability to plan, control, follow through, exercise judgment and be flexible in work scope is required.

Work Hours: 
A 40 hour work week is the typical schedule. SRNL utilizes various work schedules; including 5/8s (8 hours/day; five days per week) and a 9/80s (9 hours/day, five days on week A and 4 days on week B). Work week excludes SRS holidays. Each work day has a 30-minute lunch. Due to the staff augmentation position, some weeks may be less than 40 hours.

Area Security Access:
A security clearance is not initially required; however, candidate must be capable of obtaining a minimum of an L clearance to perform assigned duties.

Required Qualifications:

15 Years Chemical Engineering Experience in:
a) Nuclear or Chemical Process industry with relevant
technology experience/radioactive waste processing field.

Ability to travel to other DOE sites

Must have strong oral and written communication skills, in addition to leadership and teamwork skills.

Candidate must have the ability to plan, control, follow through, exercise judgment and be flexible in work scope.

Relevant experience in the DOE complex to include National laboratory experience in the waste processing

Relevant experience in a research and development environment is preferred.


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